The amount of time an eyelash extension lasts on a client is highly dependent on the bond between the hairs of the client’s natural eyelashes and the extension fibers fixed on them. Getting stronger bonds mean that the extension will last longer and look firmer on the customer as well as make her look more beautiful.

If you are wondering how to make stronger bonds for your eyelash extension business, here are 8 tips on how to achieve that.

  • Clean the eyelashes

    Make sure you wash the eyes of your clients every time they come for an eyelash extension. Do it before you fix it and also after you fix it. Adhesives are known to love neat environments so they stay longer there as opposed to dirty places where they easily wear off.

  • Know your way with adhesive

    Do not use too much or too little, when applying adhesives to the hair fibers, make sure you dip the base of the extension into about 2 mm of it and gently apply on the natural ones. Do not make the mistake of dabbing your excess glue on the eye pad.

  • Pick the right bond

    There are different kinds of natural eyelashes; we have the ones with curls, the straight ones, the odd looking ones and so on.  If you understand the kind of eyelash your client has, you will have little or no problem bonding correctly.

  • Do not put glue on natural lashes

    Before now we taught to cover the natural eyelashes of our clients with adhesive before pressing the extension against them. Please do not try that now, the kind of glues used then are not the ones we use now. Kindly follow the step in point 2.

  • Be fast

    When you are applying adhesives on natural eyelashes please endeavor to be fast, you may have all day but the glue does not. So let your isolate, press and place process happen in short time.
  • Stop using primer

    I do not see the need for primer unless a client complains of retention issues. Besides that it is not advisable to use it, it contains alcohol and this element will harm the natural eyelashes of your clients by drying them and when they are too dry they don’t go well with adhesive.
  • Work in a good temperature

    Make sure your salon is not too hot, if it is too hot your clients may start sweating and this is not good for the natural eyelashes, the adhesive used and the eyelash extension.
  • Educate your clients

    Make sure you have a good relationship with those who patronise you so that you will have no problem communicating instructions to them. You are the expert after all so they ought to listen to you. Give them tips on how to maintain their eyelash extensions and also on your website and social media profiles, periodically share information about these things so that your clients are properly informed about these tips.

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