I hate to admit it, but there are times when eyelash extensions do not last as long as they are suppose to.

If you have clients coming back to you with sheds on their extensions, then there is a problem. This problem is not just for the clients, it is also for you, in fact it is more of your problem and a big stain on your reputation. Your overall business could be hanging by a thread if you don’t do something about the issue immediately.

To handle this, we must find out the root cause of the the problem. Here are some of the top reasons why eyelash extensions do not last.

Oily skin or the use of oily products Most people don’t know the adverse effects of oily products on eyelash extensions. Even among those that do know, there are people who cannot discern which product has oil from the one that  does not. Come to think of it, it does not make sense for lady to happily cough out her hard earned money for sexy eyelash extensions only to knowingly paint them with oil lotions. Have a session with clients and educate them nicely on this issue, if it is not the use of oily products, then it could be their naturally oily skin and in this case you can recommend the use of blotting papers which absorb oils.

The way they sleep Before you sink into depression thinking your business will crumble, relax and remember that as long as you are doing everything right, the problem is not from your end and it is part of your job to help your customers know how to care for their eyelashes. Most ladies sleep on their face, I mean, they press their face downwards on the pillow and this seriously damages the eyelash extensions. If your clients come complaining with their outer liner all gone, just know they might be sleeping on their faces and advise then on that issue.

Touching and picking the eyelash extensions Women do this out of impulse, I want to believe this because just like I said before, it doesn’t make sense to spend money to look good and then use your own hands to damage it. When they come complaining, sit them down and explain to them that there is something called glue chunks and it is the result of picking eyelash extensions. It is the case where the little adhesive used to bind extension and natural eyelashes start to form little chunks on the already shedding extension. When they understand this, they will have more control of their reflexes.

Professional mistake I cannot end this without mentioning the errors we make as professionals. We are not perfect and even if this seldom happens, it does, and just to be safe, always crosscheck when starting and finishing the process of administering eyelash extension services on a client.

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