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Eyelash extension blog or eyelash extension forum is where you as a lash artist can read  pro lash tips, facts, advice, recommendation or share with us in the comment section.

Topics will vary from lash retention to marketing which will help you expand your knowledge and run a successful lash business. 

What is Hybrid Lash Extensions?

A poor standing or sitting posture can lead to injuries that could either force you to take a break from the beauty industry, or keep you out of it forever. So, the way you position yourself while working goes...

eyelash extensions post procedure
May 122018

Eyelash Extensions Post Procedure

For those of us professional lash artists who have been practising the art of making ladies look beautiful by fixing them eyelash extensions, we know there are certain things we do before and after applying...

4 reasons why you should study online, study lash online
Apr 92018

4 Reasons Why You Should Study Online

4 Reasons Why You Should Study Online (Lash Online Courses) Lash Online Courses 4 reasons why you should study online. This is the 21st century, and everything is now on the internet, including skills...


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