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How to Do Mega Lashes (Installment Plan)

Price14 day trial for $9.99 USD, 8 payments of $107.50 USD


Lash with FAR less stress, gain MORE confidence, earn a BIGGER income!

✅ Yes! I can’t wait to start mastering the Mega Volume Technique (How To Do Mega Volume Lashes) and the other techniques that will help me do a complex lash set in less than 1.5 hours. I understand that once I learn this insanely valuable skill, I will unlock my true lashing and earning potential – making it FAR easier to succeed, with FAR less stress … FAR less time… and MUCH happier clients!

As soon as my 14 day trial has been finished, I’ll learn brand new things from the content that will get released to me every week for 8 weeks.

Including things like – 
✅ Fail proof Mega Volume Techniques
✅ Secret on how to attach the extensions for smooth transition
✅ Secrets for how to avoid stickies
✅ Proven techniques to secure bottom lashes
✅ Blending lengths and curls
✅ How to stop the eyes from opening during application
✅ And so much more


I get NINE bonus gifts!

GIFT #1: 20% discount on all products
GIFT #2: Resources including e-book, templates and so much more
GIFT #3: Updated content for life
GIFT #4: Learner guides for all modules which include easy to follow step by step instructions
GIFT #5: Exclusive VIP Facebook group
GIFT #6: Practice sheet templates
GIFT #7: 1× 45 mins  mentoring call
GIFT #8: Mini Courses

Last but not least, I’ll receive GIFT #9 which is member-only subscription to The Lash Artist’s Life email.

Also —
14 Days Love it or Leave it Guarantee

I’m going to take you up on your 14 days  love it or leave it guarantee offer to try this program at no risk. If during 14 days , I decide not to continue learning…Or I decide not to pursue my career in lashing. I can contact you and request my trial money back. No questions asked.

PS. I understand that I won’t be able to get a refund after the 14 Day Love It Or Leave It Guarantee. This is because I’ll get access to new course content which will get released to me every week for 8 weeks. After all modules have released, I’ll get a lifetime full access to my course.

PPS. I understand that I will let you know by email whether i’ll continue my lash journey with asena or not within 14 days. But if I don’t, I agree to continue the course and pay for the total course fee without asking for a refund.




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