Setting up eyelash extension business

If you love to look beautiful and enjoy making other women look the same way, why not start up a career in eyelash extension business?

You see, this beauty industry is filled with so many experts in their different branches, but the eyelash extension business is the most rewarding. You can increase your bank balance and also get famous in this business, but you have to be very good at what you do to enjoy all that.

The thing you will enjoy most in this industry is that the demand is always increasing. Yes, there are so many lash artists, but the demand never goes down because the skill we offer is something ladies will always come back for.

Let us look at the steps you must take to grow from a newbie to an expert in the eyelash extension business.

1.   Get proper eyelash extension training

The only way to be very good at doing eyelash extensions is through training, and it’s not just any random training. I’m talking about high quality training from an expert that has been in your position before.

Unlike many years ago when you had to be in a traditional class with fellow students to learn the eyelash extension craft, you are free to get high quality training online today.

Your time and hard earned money are very precious, so don’t waste it on half-baked training. If you want the best, register and take any of my courses.

I offer three eyelash extension courses that will make you stand out in this business. The three courses are classic, volume, and advanced volume (mega) training. 

There is also a social marketing course to teach you how to manage your business through social media which i’ll covering ftrom how to write for any medium to how to promote yourself as a pro (even you just starting out).

Your skills in beautifying women’s eyes must also match your ability to promote yourself and business, so this course is very important.

A good training will also make customers trust you more because you will be issued a certificate, and this certificate will be displayed on your wall for people to see. Customers will see you as someone with authority and they will refer their friends to you.

2.   Take your business online

As soon as you complete your training, you are ready to face the market, and the first thing you should do is to create an online presence so that more ladies will see you business and patronize you.

Social media is buzzing with a lot of activities these days, so take advantage of it and open a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel. If people know you and see your works there, they will ask for more details and request you to fix beautiful lashes for them.

Whenever you make a great lash for a client, make sure you take a picture of it to create an album. Also upload the best among these photos on your social media timelines for ladies to see.

Also engage in meaningful conversations with your potential clients online, this is will encourage trust and make your brand more attractive to them.

3.   Run your business from a good location

Where you’re located has a lot to do with how many people will respond to your business, it can also affect how you charge them.

Look at your area very well and situate your business close to a place where there aren’t many eyelash extension businesses already.

You’re just starting, so a place that isn’t so choked up with other lash artists will be better for you and your business.

4.   Charge moderately

No matter how good you are, don’t make the mistake of charging ridiculously high prices for your services.

Remember you’re just starting to build a career and for it to grow, clients need to be comfortable with what you’re charging them. If your prices are top high, you’ll lose your clients to a more affordable lash artist in no time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should start fixing lashes for two dollars. I’m encouraging you to charge moderately…not too high and not too low.

If you’re unsure about what will be too high, do a little research and find out what other eyelash extension artists are charging around that environment. Then fix your prices around that amount, so people can patronize you and pay what they’re already familiar with.

5.   Put a lot of energy into marketing

This doesn’t only apply the beauty industry, it’s everywhere. You just have to market your business to keep it growing. There are so many ways to market your business and tell people about the services you offer and I mentioned one earlier at number 2.

The idea of taking your business to social media that I mentioned earlier is a very effective and modern way to market yourself, but that’s not the only way.

You can use word of mouth advertising whenever you network with other people at events, it’s not so hard. Just start by introducing yourself and naturally tell people what you do for a living.

You can also say things about the eyelashes of other women you hang out with, for example: “hi Emily, you look great, but you can look even better with a classic lash.”

You can also create a website and use it to promote your business. Don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing, you’ll just have to do that if you want to reach more people.

Social media advertising is really affordable these days, so you can take advantage of that and run Facebook ads or Twitter promotions…or both. (Great news is you’ll get to learn how to effectively advertise on facebook, it’s one of the topic that I teach in the course)

A good way to gain publicity is by running a poll online via any of your social media handles. People want to have an opinion these days, so you’ll surely get more followers.

This is one of the areas I take seriously in my training course. In fact, it’s the reason why I have the social media marketing training, so that you can be great at marketing and business .

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