Eyelash Extensions Post Procedure or Lash Post Procedure

For those of us professional lash artists who have been practising the art of making ladies look beautiful by fixing them eyelash extensions, we know there are certain things we do before and after applying the eyelash extension on clients for the durability of the extensions, to protect the customer’s skin and generally for the sake of hygiene.

One new practice that many experts, even experienced ones do not know about is the eyelash extensions post procedure. This act is done after you have done the extension for a customer and it requires you to wash the eyelashes of your customers immediately after you have successfully fixed the extensions for them.

You may be reading that again to be sure of what you saw, well yes, you read that right!

It is understandable if you don’t know about this procedure, it is relatively new and goes against what we have been practicing for a long time. Until this discovery was made, we used to instruct clients to steer clear of whatever might dampen their newly fixed extensions for at least 48 hours to avoid ruining the adhesive used to glue them with the natural eyelashes.

But here is the shocker, it is actually for the sake of strengthening the adhesive that we now practice eyelash extensions post procedure. This is how it works;

The binding agent used in fixing eyelash extension is made of cyanoacrylate. This adhesive has been found to go well with moisture and can make eyelashes last longer when the finished work is washed with small amount of lash cleanser and rinsed with saline.

Top chemists have commended this move and assured us that it is safe and poses no threat of any kind to the skin. It is actually very beneficial. Let me state some of the benefits of eyelash extension post procedure.

It reduces sensitivity and reaction

Some women complain of itching around the eyes after they get their extensions done, others have note disturbing reactions or have had them in the past. This method helps to reduce those issues.

When cyanoacrylate settles around the eyes, it leaves a residue due to vaporisation. When the extension is washed after fixing, those substances are washed off, and it leaves the eyes clean, reducing and even eradicating the possibility of irritation and sensitivity.

It makes the eyelash extension to last longer

Women who react to extensions will be tempted to start touching it to ease the sensation they feel from the glue which reduces the lifespan of the extension. Well, the washing reduces this, it also tightens the glue to the natural eyelash and gives general neatness.

How to wash

Wait about three minutes after the extension is applied (the delay is for the glue to cure properly). Then with cleanser and a brush, after which you rinse with sterile water and dry gently.

Most customers might find it strange that you want to wash their newly fixed eyelash extensions and will ask questions, just educate them and help them relax.

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