flat lashes or ellipse lashes
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The Beauty Of Flat Lashes or Ellipse Lashes

Flat lashes or ellipse lashes. Though we are into this business to make profit, we can’t be so selfish and say that it is all we gain from it. It’s beyond money. The satisfaction that comes from seeing your client look beautiful is really fulfilling.

For those who have been through my training, it’s not hard to give clients whatever they ask for. From those who request long lashes to the clients that want thick ones that look as dark as night. We can provide it.

The little issue that is probably running though your mind is how we make long and thick lash extensions without putting too much weight on the natural lashes. I’m going to make it clear.

It is possible because of flat lashes or ellipse lashes. Let us take a better look at flat lashes and see what they do to make lashes so dense without causing damage to the natural lashes.

Because of how well the base of flat lashes are designed, they have a wide and flat base which increase the image of density at the lash line.

This will enable you to give your clients the thickness and length they desire to have without altering the health of their natural eyelashes. Don’t be fooled by the looks, they are actually so much lighter than they appear, so feel free to experiment with them as much as you want.

What you will really love about the flat lashes is that they solve the problem of poor retention that many clients complain about. This is possible because the base is flat, so there is more space for bonding which will solidify retention. It also ensures that the extension does not turn against the natural lashes.

If you want to add more texture and length to your lash work, mix flat lashes with volume lashes. It will give out a very nice layered look that will make jaws drop.

If you are the type of woman that doesn’t like too much length or thickness on your eyelashes, flat lashes can also fill your needs. If you also have clients that are office women and because of their rules of being formal, they don’t have the freedom of wearing lashes that are full of drama, encourage them to embrace the beauty of flat lashes or ellipse lashes.

You can use flat lashes to just add definition to the natural lashes. Make sure you fix this for your clients that work in the office because the outcome looks so natural, one will be tempted to believe that your client was born with those great lashes. All you have to do is use the flat lashes to amplify the length and overall shape of the eyelashes.

Just think of it as applying light makeup on your face in such a skilled way that people don’t know if you’re wearing foundation or not, that’s just what flat lashes do here — your natural eyelashes wear light makeup!

Flat lashes are only used with classic lashes, but their natural fullness makes the entire set look full without sacrificing the length of the lash work.

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