How To Make Clients Fall In Love With Eyelash Extensions
How To Make Clients Fall In Love With Eyelash Extensions

How To Make Clients Fall In Love With Eyelash Extensions

As famous as the eyelash extension art has become and with the tough competition in the beauty industry, there are still women who are not part of this revolution. I am not talking about those with strong cultural or religious beliefs that restrict them from using eyelash extensions, I am talking about women who are free to but are not doing it for reasons best known to them.

Well, the holiday season is upon us and this is the time most people do things they don’t usually do all year round. I for one, I don’t eat pizza, but during this season I somehow find myself eating pizza with friends. The same thing goes for these women who do not fix eyelash extensions, they tend do so some during the holidays and if you have those newbies coming to your salon, you should give them an experience that will make them come back not only during the holidays, but next week and the week after that and the month after that.

Here are six steps you can teach your customers that will have them coming back for more.

  1. Use gentle removers

    You can pick any brand of makeover removers depending on your choice, but what you should avoid is remover with oil. Do not use them because they can cause eyelash extensions to fall off by weakening the adhesive used to hold them to the natural ones. There are many brands out there that are oil free so you won’t have any problem at all.

  2. Steer clear of mascara

    Mascara is great, they make our eyes glow and all that. But it should only be used in the absence of eyelash extensions. When you’ve already fixed fine extensions, adding mascara is detrimental to the new look you have. It easily weakens the glue that binds the extension and the natural eyelashes and it doesn’t even look nice.

  3. Sleep properly

    When you have your eyelash extensions done, you need to mind the way you sleep because this can easily ruin your look. Avoid sleeping face down on your pillow, if you are carrying long extensions it will be so uncomfortable and even cause itching. Sleep on your side or faced up

  4. Carefully apply creams

    Sweet fragrance moisturising body and face creams are a joy to apply, I personally do not go a day without them. The issue here is that when you have eyelash extensions on, apply it in such a way that you don’t rub your sexy eyes with it, it can easily weaken the bomb and force it to fall off.

  5. Use your curls

    I mean, when choosing a curl for your extensions, choose one that is in sync with your natural lashes. They last longer and appear finer.

  6. Do not touch

    There is the temptation to always take your hands to your eyes and feel the beauty of your newly fixed lashes. Well take your hands off already because touching it reduces the lifespan.

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