Hybrid Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are for women, and women are complicated beings. When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, we find it hard to make a decision and when we finally do, we are hardly ever satisfied…at least for the long term.

This is why there is always something new in the beauty industry. It’s all with the aim of satisfying our ever growing beauty needs.

As you struggle with the decision between classic and volume lash styles, I’m pleased to inform you that your days of making difficult choices are officially over— you can now have both at the same time! Great, isn’t it?

When classic and volume lashes are mixed into one, it’s called a hybrid eyelash extensions. It is an elegant combination of handmade fans and both extension types to fit perfectly on your natural eyelashes.

What you will love most about the hybrid set is that it harnesses all the advantages of both classic and volume lashes, making it the perfect blend that eliminates the limitations of both styles. Just like like eating your cake and having it!

You will need great skills to carry out hybrid lashing properly, and once you book an appointment, be rest assured that your clients already picture themselves looking like the kardashians. Their expectations are really high, so you don’t want to mess this up. Ensure you get the right training before promising to make hybrid lashes for your clients, I offer affordable hybrid lash training for both newbies and those who already have some experience with this method.

I will show you how to add individual lashes to your client’s eyes, how to flawlessly bring in all the fluffiness and drama, as you create a soft and glamorous look with a touch of scattered naturalness that will make your clients look like they have the hybrid set somewhere in their genes.

This luscious lash set is already making waves on Instagram and Twitter, so be among the expert stylists who make it happen.

The hybrid eyelash extensions is mostly loved by younger, more adventurous women. As for those who fancy volume lashes but have always shied away from it because they are not sure of how the fans will look on them, the hybrid combination is a way to play safe with the good old classic and still flirt with volume fans…remember what I said about eating the cake and having it?

Let’s not forget the advantage of a shorter appointment. Since the hybrid set combines the volume fans and classic individual lashes, the entire process will be shorter than the time used to make a typical volume lash set. So more is achieved form an even shorter time!

Most top models and Hollywood celebrities have taken the hybrid set as their new favourite, which says a lot about how hot it actually is.

If your clients love drama, this is the real drama. Be the expert and give it to them better than they’ve never had it before!

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