Get trained on how to do mega volume lashes and become the most popular lash artist in your area.

Choosing to be a professional lash artist is the best decision you can ever make in your life. Here are the reasons;

  • You will be in control of your time because you can begin and end work whenever you like
  • Starting this business requires low capital
  • It is a life skill and you can use it to earn money no matter where you go.
  • The business generates huge profits
  • You can start earning immediately you finish the course
  • You will have more time to spend with your family and friends
  • You will get a certificate at the completion of your training which you can proudly display in your workplace for all to see
Mega volume lash online course. Learn Mega volume lash online course today
Mega Volume Lashes Online Course
Mega Eyelash extensions training
Mega Volume Lashes Online Training

Why Learn How To Become A Professional Mega Volume Lash Artist?

If you are;

  • Looking for a way to make extra income
  • Looking for an advanced lash styling technique
  • Feeling unsatisfied by your previous training
  • In need of a new treatment to impress your clients
  • Tired of the boring 9 to 5 job and want something more exciting
  • Feeling your mega lash sets are not good enough

Then you have come to the right place, I have the best solution for you.

When you become a professional mega volume lash artist, you will see yourself overcome all those limitations listed above.

It is so convenient that you get to work for who you like, where you like and when you like. You can make so much money from this and if you do it right, you will never go broke.

A mega volume lash is a luxury service that you can start with low investment and earn a minimum of 300 dollars per set if you have standard skills. So all you need to succeed here is a good course and a dedicated trainer with the ability to shape you into a true professional lash artist and that is exactly what I am offering you.

Why Am I Offering This Course?

I was once in your shoes, so I know exactly what you need to gain confidence and succeed in this business.

You could be:

  • A Mega lash artist beginner trying to be the best in mega lash niche
  • An already existing mega lash artist who just wants to know the necessary techniques for more success
  • A professional who wants to update your skills
  • A good lash artist who has been out of the lashing business for a while and need a course to refresh your skills and get you making beautiful sets again
  • Or you need to update your menu with new services.

Whatever your problem is, I am here to give you all the answers.

No matter how good you are, it is not advisable to remain the same, the industry is growing and you have to grow with it, so challenge yourself and learn better methods to do mega volume lashes.

This online mega volume lash course is carefully structured to cover all the unique proven techniques that no one else knows.

I have designed the program so well that when you finish, you will carry out your skills without causing any harm to your client’s eyes. You will also learn how to market yourself, promote your business and increase your clients.

Why Learn How To Do Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega volume lashes is the new skill that is rocking this industry right now, it is in high demand and lash artists who know how to do it are charging high fees because others have not yet mastered the art.

Learning and mastering this skill will make clients rush to you and you can charge as high as 300 dollars for just one set. If you get serious and do this right, this treatment will make you famous and give you a solid name in this highly competitive business.

Mega volume lash produces a special dramatic look that will attract women who like strip-looking lashes and also those who always complain that their eyelashes are not full enough.

This online mega volume lash course will expose you the tricks that allow you to complement mega lash techniques with the classic and volume lashes.

With the rate at which this treatment is growing in demand, just imagine the amount of money that will be flowing into your bank account if you are the only lash artist in your area who knows how to do stunning mega volume lashes like a professional.

Get started today and see for yourself, the income potential has no limits!

You'll Learn How To

  • Plan your treatment
  • Achieve the best retention
  • Work fast like a professional
  • Create different lash styles for each client
  • Access client’s eyes, skin and lashes with confidence
  • Prevent any hazards that might occur
  • Prevent any bad reactions that might occur during and after treatment
  • Set up your working space for easy and fast application
  • Market yourself as the best mega lash artist in your area
  • Work with lash layers
  • Make proper recommendations for your clients
  • Make perfect mega fans all the time
  • Use, store and clean your work tools and equipments properly
  • Remove the whole set without any discomfort the client’s eyes
  • How to market yourself and your business
  • Educate your clients and earn their trust
  • And so much more

My Training Brings Amazing Results

After taking my course, some of my students get full-time jobs while others work on their own businesses and earn decent amount of money that allow them to have more time with family and friends.

Those who had other jobs as a part time before taking my training end up making so much money that they quit their 9 to 5 jobs and do eyelash extensions for a living. Good right?

This Course Is Perfect For Any Lash Artist:

  • who wants to expand their business
  • who wants to sharpen their skills
  • who wasn’t satisfied with their previous training
  • who wants to be famous for making excellent mage volume lash sets
  • who wants to work with special clients, like a bride to be.
  • who wants to see a lot of money in their bank balance whenever they check it
  • that is passionate about being the best in the industry
  • who lacks confidence in their mega volume lashing skills.

The Course Contains

  • Training Modules
  • Step by step video
  • Student manual
  • Certificate
  • Mentoring call
  • Bonus video
  • Regular update contents


Module 1: Introduction To Eyelash Extensions

 What is eyelash extension?

✓ The history of eyelash extension

Module 1A: Getting to know Mega Volume Lashes

 What is mega volume lashes?

✓ Russian Volume Lashes Vs Mega Volume Lashes

Module 2: Knowing Your Body

✓ Hair anatomy

✓ Eye anatomy

✓ Hair growth cycle

✓ Shedding

✓ Skin anatomy

Module 3: Health And Safety In The Workplace

✓ Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

✓ How you can setting up your lash room

✓Sterilization and Sanitation

Module 4: Preventing Cross-Contamination

✓ What is Contraindication and How you can assist your clients

✓ What is Contra-Action and How to prevent it to occur

Module 5: Dealing With Clients

✓ Why client consultation is so important

✓ How to do Patch test and Why it is so important

✓ Dealing with client expectations and How you can deal with them

Module 6: Tools And Equipments

✓ Identification of tools

✓ Uses of tools and equipments

✓ How to store glue

Module 7: All About Lashes

✓ Learn all types of natural lashes

✓ Learn the different types of lash curls

✓ Learn the different types of lash length

✓ Learn the different types of lash thickness

✓ Learn in-depth of type of  Eyelash extensions

Module 8: What You Need To Know About Adhesive

✓ What type of adhesive is best to use for eyelash extensions

✓ How to check which adhesive is low or high quality

✓ How the adhesive works

✓ Factor about blooming effect and how to avoid it

✓ What to do to make the most of your adhesive (tips and tricks to work with adhesive)

Module 9: Eye Shaping And Styling Of Lashes

✓ Introduction to eye shape

✓ Introduction to lash stylings

✓ The easiest method to measuring your client’s eye

Module 10: Preparing Your Workspace

✓ How you can setting up your working area 

✓ What you need for your treatment (Preparing tools and equipments)

✓ How you can prepare lash tile

✓ How you can prepare glue plate

Module 11: Fun Mega Fan Techniques 

✓ Proven techniques to Mega FAN 

✓ Different type of FAN

✓ 20/40% Rule

✓ FAN grabbing position

✓ The perfect FAN base

Module 12: Preparing Clients

✓ How you can properly cleanse lashes before application

✓ When to prime and when not to

Module 13: Application Techniques

✓ How you can hold tweezers and how to angle it for the best result

✓ 3 popular styles of how to place eye pad

✓ How to use tape to secure all lashes

✓ How to 100% secure bottom lashes 

✓ How to work on inner and outer lashes

✓ How to attach extensions to achieve the desired looks

✓ The different way of attachments (9 ways)

✓ Pinching Technique

✓ Lash Angles

✓ Lash Mac

✓ Blending Lengths and Curls

✓ How to create a dark lash line

✓ How to do perfect glue dipping

Module 14: Isolation Techniques

✓ Different ways of isolation for perfect application

✓ Speedy Isolation

Module 15: Post Application

✓ Post lash cleansing

✓ Secret reveal for achieving the best retention

✓ Waiting for 24 hrs to get lashes wet is now the past with this method

Module 16: Infill Vs Removal

✓ How to fill lashes when clients return

✓ How to remove lashes without hurting clients eyes

Module 17: Full Set Application

✓ Watch & Learn easy to follow step by step how to do Mega Volume full set within a set time frame

Module 18: How To Educate And Impress Clients

✓  How to care for lashes after application (aftercare)

Module 19: How To Price Your Service

✓  Tips to help you set up your pricing

✓ What to do and how to correctly price your services

Module 20: All About Marketing

✓  How you can promote your business as a pro

✓  3 steps facebook ads that work

✓  How to take professional lash photos with your phone

Module 21: Troubleshooting

✓ Proven method to fill the gap of natural lashes

✓ Bridging

✓ Split FAN base


This eyelash extension course comes with some juicy bonuses like;

  • 20% discount on all products
  • Resources including e-book, templates and so much more (Valued at $Priceless)
  • Updated content for life (Valued at $Priceless)
  • Learner guides for all modules which include easy to follow step by step application (Valued at $45 each)
  • Exclusive VIP Facebook group (Valued at $Priceless)
  • Member only subscription to The Lash Artist’s Life email (Valued at $Priceless)
  • Practice sheet templates (Valued at $25 each)
  • 1× 45 mins mentoring call (Valued at $189)
  • Mini Courses (Valued at $Priceless)

Personal Coaching With Mai, Founder Of Asena

My aim is to help all my students reach success in their business and I do that effectively via mentoring call. It enables students to get personal with me so they can ask any questions concerning the progress of their career and get immediate feedback.

This is why my course is the best you can find. The mentoring call could be on any of the following;

  • Starting your business
  • Feedback on a task
  • Overcoming the fear or lack of confidence when starting your business
  • Charging your clients

How Much Is This Course?

The course fee should be a whole lot more than the offering price, but I am able to reduce it to a fraction of what it normally costs simply because the training is digital, this means that there is little or no need for printing and packaging since you can download all resources into your computer, mobile or tablet, at any time you like.

Also, I want to help you  to be able to start up your businesses or improve your lashing knowledge and skill with an affordable price.

What are you waiting for? I’m giving you a life changing course at a moderate price, so get started immediately!

There Is Zero Risk Involved With Our "14 Days LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT" Guarantee.

Take all the time you need within 14 days. Check out and learn the content in your course

If during 14 days, you haven’t learn anything that beneficial for you to start up your lash business or improve your knowledge.

Or you decide not to continue to become a professional lash artist who earn at least $500/day.

Shoot us an email… and we’ll send you a full and complete refund of your investment – No questions asked.

Since I started lash training in 2016, I’ve helped a lot of my students go through the challenges in their businesses and they have come out successful. It’s my aim to give you that same benefit, so try out my course today and see yourself improve with better skills that will increase your regular clients, broaden your business and keep you smiling to the bank. All at zero risk to you!

PS. Because You’ll get full instant access to your course content and material after 14 days love it or leave it guarantee period has finished, We won’t be able to give you a refund.

Get Started Now…

My training is the best you can find, I aim to see you become an expert because I believe your success is my success.

This course will definitely give you the breakthrough you want for your business. I am not only going to teach you proven techniques to sharpen your skills, I will also focus on helping you market yourself both offline and online so you can gain as many customers as possible.

You will also learn how to manage your finances to keep your business going well. You will surely keep smiling to the bank after taking my course, so get started immediately!

Lashing Better, Together

Mai Quach




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