As eyelash stylists, there is something we fear more than not being patronized and that is the situation where customers call back after receiving our services to lament that they are having reactions!

It a horrible feeling that gives you imaginations of all your business efforts going down the drain as your reputation hangs by a thread.

Well, there are measures you must take to ensure that such a thing never happens to you. There are also things you must look out for as the expert here, you will be the one to observe and give answers to your clients when they ask questions.

Though they exist, but cases of full blown reactions are very rare. However, if you or your client should notice any of these two signs, it means they have a very strong allergy to the extension practise and may have to stop it totally.

Here they are

  • If your client start to itch her eyes immediately after you fix eyelash extension for her,  there is a high chance that her body has a strong dislike for what it is being exposed to. There are other reasons why someone would itch her eyes but if it starts happening immediately, or about 48 hours within the time it was fixed, that is a red flag and something has to be done about it. Personally I would remove it and send her to her Doctor for a medication or something, when she is cleared then she can come back, but until then…no way, I will not be responsible for blindness!
  • If you notice any form of swelling after you fix eyelash extension on a client, this is strong sign that their body is not in support of it and you must stop immediately. If the client insists that ‘it is nothing’ make sure you don’t fall for that and send them to their Doctor because if this continues, you might be arrested for blinding a human being.

There are some tips I should share with you. If you practise them, you may never have this dreaded experience in your entire career.

  • Make sure you wash your clients eyelashes when they come to your salon. We don’t know how neat they are, so to be safe, before starting, it is advisable to make sure they are clean. And even after applying the extensions, was again to remove residue of adhesive around the eyelashes.
  • Make sure that your clients are getting enough air when the exercise is going on. Give them a hand fan to blow their eyes of put a standing fan close to them while you work. The cooling nature reduces the chance of irritation.
  • Use proper adhesive, never use any kind of adhesive on your clients. Always make sure you have and use the proper adhesive, it is part of the ethics of our profession.
  • Ask your clients if they have ever had reactions on eyelash extensions before and use their answer to work with them.

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