The Truth About Eyelash Retention, Lash Retention, Eyelash Extensions Retention.

Lash retention issues are not new, but many lash artists haven’t been able to find a permanent solution to it and the reason is because they have been blaming the lash adhesive.

While that could be a cause, it is not the only cause. In fact, it’s not even the main cause. It will surprise you to know that most eyelash retention issues are caused by things that your client has rubbed on her eyelashes before she even booked a lash appointment with you.

As much as we discourage the use of oily products on eyelashes, some clients still stubbornly use them and later complain that their extensions are not staying still. Even when clients obey us and avoid oily products, some make-up items like mascara could also be the reason why lash retention issues continue to occur.

Sometimes, ladies can be so lazy to take time and clean their eyelashes with a proper specialty lash cleanser, and this lack of hygiene leads to the accumulation of makeup and oil remnants which gather around the eyelashes and prevent smooth connection of the natural and the extensions.

Even when you prime before lash application, these impurities have already been absorbed by the natural eyelashes, and it’s so difficult to attain a strong retention on your client’s eyelashes no matter how well you cleanse and prime.

So you see, the lash adhesive has been innocent all the while. It’s not the glue, and it’s not the artist. The main culprit here is the set of people we are always trying to impress— the clients

Women who wear eyelashes need to know that for them to enjoy long lasting lash sets, they must practise proper hygiene and reduce or better still, completely do away with certain lotions and make up items.

It is your job to let your clients know the dangers of improper aftercare and advise them on the right steps to take when caring for their eyelashes. You need to let them know that their lashes are not solid because of these little things they are missing.

Regularly cleaning with an eyelash extension friendly cleanser will go a long way in ensuring that lashes stay retained to the natural ones, and when you have finished fixing the lashes, let them know that dampness and oils must be avoided at all costs.

To really have good retaining lash extensions, three factors must work together. They are:

  • The quality of products used – not only the adhesives now, we are talking about all the things used during application. They just have to be high quality to ensure lashes don’t weaken early.
  • The artist’s skill – well, we don’t like to mention this part. But it could also be the artist’s mistake during application of glue. So you need to do your part properly.
  • The client’s before and after care – this is probably the most difficult factor to fix. Because you don’t follow clients home and you can’t control what they do to their eyes. But if they listen to your advise, the issue of eyelash retention will be eliminated.

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