As a well trained eyelash artist good at making women look good; your eyelash extensions business salon is expected to welcome a lot of women who are eager to look sexy and your phone is expected to be getting blown up with calls and text messages requiring you to book an appointment with them. Your social media platforms are expected to be bubbling with comments and reviews and your website ought to be getting enough traffic.

That is the dream if ever eyelash extension businessman or woman, but how many businesses get that? If you are among those who only dream of such progress, do not worry anymore, the first step to solving a problem is realizing you have one, and after that, the second step is finding the cause of the problem so you can start solving it. Here are the top 5 reasons why you might be under booked.

Poor marketing

Your business is not out there for people to see, at least it is not out there for the right people to see and this is one reason why you are not getting any bookings. You need to change your circle to people who complement your business and make sure most of your friends are women, stylish women who like to look good. You just decide to pause the business and take a marketing course before coming back to get choked by bookings.

Unreasonable pricing

So what if you spent a hundred billion dollars learning the skill? Most customers don’t really care about your cost, they just want to get their eyelashes done without breaking the back, so if you are getting under booked, your pricing may just be too high for people. You are losing clients to your competition with a lower price, so check your ledger and adjust your pricing.


You may be getting under booked because of the kind of impression people have about your personality or your eyelash extension business agency. If you have done everything right, you may want to ask an honest friend or client (or former client) to tell you the truth about what is being said of you out there, this knowledge can help you get back in business.


You are beauty specialist and your business is focused on women so if you are in a place dominated by males, that could be the reason for your under booking. Even if you are around women, some very religious women do not fix eyelash extensions and some older women do not do it too. So if you notice this is the cause, you might want to relocate.

Poor services

I hate to say this, but it is possible that you are not as good as you think you are and that is why the bookings are not coming. This is why I always get feedback from customers after doing a job for them, I like to hear their appraisal. So get some more training on the skills in our profession and see how your booking increases rapidly

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