A poor standing or sitting posture can lead to injuries that could either force you to take a break from the beauty industry, or keep you out of it forever. So, the way you position yourself while working goes a long way in determining how long you will last in this profession.

Apart from saving yourself from the physical discomfort that working in a bad position can give you, standing and sitting properly has other health and aesthetic benefits—you will be more comfortable and it also allows a better flow of oxygen around your body.

As a lash artist who gets to maintain one position for long periods of time, sitting or standing properly shouldn’t be up for negotiation. Because most lash artists  don’t know how to sit during and after a lash appointment, I’m going to give you a detailed guide on how to safely carry out your duties.

  • When working on a client’s eyelashes

This technique may sound awkward, but you just have to it for your health and business.  As you work on a client, take a break every thirty minutes to work on your posture. Stand up right and let your back be straight, also relax your shoulders and keep your hands resting on your waist.

Then inhale— breathe in gently through your nose. Make sure the air you are breathing in is filling your stomach and not your chest. You have to resist the temptation of using your chest, when you’ve inhaled enough air for 30 seconds, breath out through your mouth.

This short time you dedicate to your health during your working hours will not only prevent stiffness and pains, it will also make you a happier and better stylist who gives undivided attention to her clients because there will be no pain to distract you.

  • After working on a last set

After each client, don’t just jump onto the next one, take some time to give your body some care. You need to use that break to keep your body in check, so get a chair and sit down with your back straight up.

Don’t put any pressure on your shoulders, let it relax as you spread your arms wide to both sides with your palms facing up. Then breathe in gently through your nose and slowly raise both arms up. As your breathe out, take your hands down, then repeat this procedure. Do it several times until you feel little or no intensity when you stretch.

  • At the end of the day

Rest your back on a wall and make sure your heels are about six feet away from the wall. Stand in such a way that your head, shoulders and full back are touching the wall.

Then raise both hands up and bend your elbows to make a 90° angle on each arm. With this position, press your elbows, wrists, and hands on the wall as you breathe in and out—raising and falling your hands over your head as you do so. Do two sets of ten repetitions and end your day in good health.

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